Haiku for Dog Lovers

Long walks on the beach
Adoring, soulful gazes—
True love comes on paws.

They shed and slobber, they bring in fleas, they run up vet bills, they exhibit behavior problems—and unlike children, they will never grow up to take care of us in our old age. Why do we love our dogs so?

Well, our family’s bichon-poodle mix, Misha, brings us a lot of laughter with his silly, playful ways. He is a dependable companion, providing protection against goblins at night and comfort on remote trails by day. And even when we have just scolded him or stepped on his tail, his big brown eyes shine with unconditional love.

Inspired by Misha, my furry muse, I’ve created a new collection about dogs and their goofy, exasperating, delightful ways. If you are a dog lover, or know someone who is, check it out.

I’m also introducing a new line of six greeting cards, three of them from the dog series. I’m going to offer signed, limited edition prints of a few of these pieces as well. And I’m making hand-bound books called True Love Comes on Paws: Haiku for Dog Lovers.

Please see the store page for details. And leave a comment below or drop me a line to share your thoughts on the dog collection and any ideas you have for dog pieces. Misha and I are standing by.