The Beat of New Wings


Cocoon hangs empty,
Security traded for
The beat of new wings.

What a wonderful opening for my first solo show last night! Well over a hundred people came through, and my work seemed to really touch them. I loved seeing people respond to my pieces, smiling or laughing, sometimes tearing up, calling friends over to share favorite pieces.

My “Haiku for Dog Lovers” series is easy to love, but the pieces in my “Aha! Haiku Insights” collection drew at least as many appreciative comments. It’s so gratifying—and frankly, surprising—to find that other people, even perfect strangers, connect so deeply to the quirky thoughts and images in my brain.

About 14 months since setting off on this path of writing haiku and senryu, and creating ink paintings, I’ve taken the risk of putting my work out into the world. And though I’m still learning how to work them, I love how these new wings feel.


Here are some photos from the opening. While you’re there, please “like” the Makino Studios Facebook page. If you are local but missed the opening, the show will be up through October. Fly on by!

October 19, 2011 — Update

The show has been extended through November, with an artist’s reception on November 5 from 6 to 9 p.m. And this cocoon piece is now available as a blank 5x7 card. See the store for details.