The Huntress

Fierce little huntress—
Done stalking prey for the day,
She captures my lap.

For my sister’s birthday, I wrote and painted this portrait of her cat. Adopted from the animal shelter, this tiny but fearless black cat has proven her worth: she kills rats that are almost as big as she is.

Sabinli (meaning little Sabina), is equally adept at demanding affection from humans. She leaps into your lap and gives your hand two short licks with her little sandpaper tongue. If you don’t stroke her the way she likes it, she may claw you. But when you get it right, she purrs and her green eyes close with contentment.

After all, even the mightiest hunter needs a little love at the end of the day.

August 15, 2011 - Update

This piece is now available as a limited edition 11x14 print. See the pricing page for details.