'Haiku for Dog Lovers'


Playful art shows how ‘True Love Comes on Paws’

The Times-Standard
Eureka, California
September 23, 2011

EUREKA — They shed and slobber, they bring in fleas, they run up vet bills—and unlike children, they will never grow up to take care of us in our old age. Why do we love our dogs so?

Arcata-based poet and artist Annette Makino explores this question in a new collection of humorous Japanese ink paintings and haiku called “True Love Comes on Paws: Haiku for Dog Lovers.”

These works are part of Makino’s first solo show, opening during Arts Alive! on Oct. 1, from 6 to 9 p.m. at Old Town Jewelers, 311 F Street (next door to Mazzotti’s).

The artist will be on hand during the reception and the show will be up through the end of October.

The dog collection takes its name from one of Makino’s poems:

Long walks on the beach
Adoring, soulful gazes—
True love comes on paws.

Makino’s exhibition will also include selected works from her series titled, “Aha! Haiku Insights.” This series draws from Makino’s quiet Zen perspective and gentle humor. A simple ink painting of an oval mirror illustrates the following haiku:

Whispered message
Of each new wrinkle and gray hair:
Rejoice! You’re still here.

Makino began writing haiku and a more humorous, informal form called senryu just over a year ago. She soon began painting images to reflect and enrich the meaning of her poems using sumi ink and watercolors on rice paper. Her work can be seen online at www.makinostudios.com.

Makino also makes hand-bound books of her pieces using a traditional Japanese bookbinding technique. These books will also be on view at the show.;