Petal by Petal

Petal by petal
You help women discover
The beauty within.

I handed over this commissioned piece today, a gift for the volunteer president of a local nonprofit organization in thanks for her service.

Although I had only met this woman briefly, friends who worked with her told me about her. What especially struck me were her life mission of helping women feel beautiful inside and out, her caring and nurturing nature, and her love of flowers.

I thought about this assignment as I went about my days, and when I finally sat down with a pen, the poem wrote itself in less than five minutes. Once I had written the words, I decided to accompany it with a painting of bright pink wild orchids.

The piece was a pleasure to create, and the president’s colleagues at the organization felt it really captured her being.

However, the message is not for everyone. A couple of days ago, my teen daughter was fretting about how her hair looked. Trying to reassure her, I said, “Remember, true beauty comes from within.” She replied, “Yeah, but most people don’t look within.”

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